Wednesday, September 16, 2020

2023 Pacific Beach Parking District

Next Meeting :
October 10, 2023 5:30 pm
1503 Garnet Avenue 

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Pacific Beach Community Parking District (CPD)

The Pacific Beach Community Parking District (CPD) was approved by the City Council in 2005 according to the rules described in San Diego City Council Policy 100-18. The CPD encompasses all of Pacific Beach and is one of five CPD in San Diego.

Pacific Beach’s CPD was created to address parking availability and demand, budget for and implement transportation solutions, and identify mobility alternatives within the context of Pacific Beach’s Ecodistrct principles of Climate, Resilience and Equity. A portion of the revenue from paid parking within the CPD may be used to implement solutions such as parking lots, parking structures, valet parking, parking/transportation signage and related extraordinary landscaping and maintenance.

Pacific Beach Parking Advisory Committee (PAC)

The CPD is overseen by the Parking Advisory Committee (PAC), a volunteer group of Pacific Beach residents and business owners. The committee includes representatives from DiscoverPB, Pacific Beach Town Council, BeautifulPB, the Pacific Beach Planning Group, and four at large neighborhood representatives. San Diego City staff works closely with these committee members to customize parking solutions for Pacific Beach.

CPD Goals

Improve safety and access to Pacific Beach neighborhoods, destinations, and businesses, and well as mobility within, to and from the community.

Develop parking and transportation strategies in alignment with the Pacific Beach EcoDistrict principles that effectively serve the community as it grows into the future.

Encourage multiple modes of transportation including walking, bikes, public transit, etc.

Support the needs of residences, businesses, and visitors with recognition of the diversity that occurs within these groups.

Identify and generate sustainable revenue to support investments in the community and transportation infrastructure improvements.

CPD History

1998: PB Parking Solutions community forum to identify local parking problems and solutions

2002: Wilbur Smith Parking Study identified deficient parking in PB

2004: Joint PB Parking Subcommittee formed

2005: City of San Diego approves formation of PB CPD

2008: Walker Parking Consultants report on potential PB parking solutions

2014: Discover PB Subcommittee meetings on parking; PB EcoDistrict formed

2015: CPD Advisory Board reestablished

2020: CPD Sends Pilot Proposal to City Council District 2 for Review

View Proposal Here

Pilot Program FAQ

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pacific Beach Parking Advisory Board Seeking Input

EDIT:  View 2017 Survey Results Here

The Pacific Beach Parking Advisory Board is seeking input via a survey. By completing this survey you will benefit by helping the PBPAB identify the following:

  1. Parking and traffic impacts that affect our community’s residents, businesses, employees, schools and visitors
  2. Our community’s desired solutions
  3. Revenue sources to pay of our community’s desired solutions

The PBAB recognizes and has established that parking imbalances occur in PB between, business district, beach parking and residential areas, times of day, days of the week and seasons of the year however would like to gather information on the general parking and traffic climate in Pacific Beach.

Click Here to take Survey

The survey is also available in hard copy at the following locations or by contacting 858-273-3303
Discover Pacific Beach, 1503 Garnet Ave
Pacific Beach Town Council. 1706 Garnet Ave
PB Library, 4275 Cass St.
There are 6 community parking districts in the City of San Diego including the Pacific Beach Parking District.  Each district is responsible for devising and implementing parking management solutions to meet the community’s specific needs and resolve undesirable parking impacts.  Certain parking management related revenues earned by the City within the boundaries of a parking district may be allocated to the district to implement and manage improvements to the community particularly that address parking impacts.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Pacific Beach Eco District

Parking and Transportation are an important component in the Pacific Beach Eco District.  We will be reviewing the history of the Eco District and the principles as they relate to Parking and Traffic Management at the June Advisory Board Meeting.

Click here for a copy of the Eco District Principles

Click Here for a Copy of the SDAT Report

Friday, March 4, 2016

Parking Hot Spots

Here are some of the places where parking is most impacted in Pacific Beach. Are there other locations that should appear on this map? Add your ideas in the comments or bring them to the next Parking Advisory Board meeting.