Parking District Advisory Board

The CPD advisory board is made up of representatives from the Pacific Beach Community Planning Committee, the Pacific Beach Town Council, Discover Pacific Beach, and Beautiful PB. There are also four “at-large” residential/business representatives on the advisory board, one from each quadrant of Pacific Beach, divided north-south at Garnet Avenue and east-west at Ingraham Street.

Bylaws and Standing Rules

Current Parking District Advisory Board Members

At-large residential quadrant boundaries
Pacific Beach Planning Group
Paula Gandolfo
Chris Olson
Kristen Victor

Pacific Beach Town Council
Anet Tallon
Karl Rand

Discover Pacific Beach
William Ramirez

Beautiful PB
Devon Muto (co-chair)
Ambrose Wong

At-large Representatives
NE quadrant - Katie Matchett
NW quadrant - Gordon Froehlich
SW quadrant - Joe Wilding
SE quadrant - John Corcozza