Saturday, April 9, 2016

Pacific Beach Eco District

Parking and Transportation are an important component in the Pacific Beach Eco District.  We will be reviewing the history of the Eco District and the principles as they relate to Parking and Traffic Management at the June Advisory Board Meeting.

Click here for a copy of the Eco District Principles

Click Here for a Copy of the SDAT Report


  1. I am unable to attend the April meeting and would like to register my concerns about the proposed parking plans.

    I am very much opposed to imposition of parking meters and parking permits at the proposed locations. It would definitely discourage me from driving to the commercial district to shop or visit restaurants.

    To see how parking meters change the beach community experience, visit any of the beach communities in Orange and Los Angeles Counties, or even Del Mar. There strictly enforced meters are the rule. They've made it difficult or impossible to shop or enjoy a leisurely meal at a restaurant without worrying about feeding the meters.

    I'm also concerned about who would receive and administer any local revenue accruing from parking meters. If Discover PB is the designated recipient, they don't have a good record of investing in projects that benefit residents. Where is their financial accountability?

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

      To answer your question on the revenue, City Council Policy 100-18 governs how meter revenues could be used, if meters were installed. (

      A portion goes to the City for administration and enforcement. Of the remaining revenues, the Community Parking District (*not* Discover PB) gets 45%.

      Personally, I don't think the City should be getting so much of the revenue, but our ability as community members to change that is more limited.

      The same council policy describes how any meter revenues can be spent. It's fairly broad, so that the community can decide how best to use the revenue to meet their particular needs, but spending needs to be at least somewhat related to parking/transportation management.

  2. I agree meters would deter people from shopping, which bolsters the local economy. On the plus side it will definitely cut down the parking issue directly in front of my house for non-permitted cars, on the negative side it major medically decrease Revenue this summer for all the visitors that come and support local business. Anyone interested should attend!

    1. Interesting facts about permit parking

      Parking permit zones are regulated by San Diego municipal code 86.2001 thru 86.2016

      Residential area impacted by heavy demand for street parking by residence are not candidates for a parking permit zone

      A minimum of 50% of addresses in a proposed permit zone must sign a petition agreeing to permit parking.

      Permit parking zones do not guarantee a parking space for each resident.

      Only residence of a permit zone can purchase a parking permit.

      Applicants for a parking permit must provide proof of residence.

      Only ONE guest parking permit may be purchased for each address in the zone.

      Guest parking permits are good only for the block of the resident host

      A maximum of four permits, including the guest permit, is allowed per address.

      Housekeepers, gardeners, realtors, plumbers, etc. cannot purchase a permit.

      There are provisions for purchase of two week temporary permits under certain conditions.

      Permits must be renewed each year.

      Permit parking zones are not enforced on city holidays.

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