Wednesday, September 16, 2020

 2021 Pacific Beach Parking District 

The Pacific Beach Community Parking District (CPD) is seeking feedback on a proposal for a paid parking, one year pilot program. Please review the proposal and FAQ below for the latest information and provide your feedback.

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Pilot Program FAQ

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Next Meeting

March 9th 2021 5:30 pm


  1. This has been brought up numerous times in the past. It has been proven to cost more than any benefit from it. Additionally most of any income will never be spent here in PB. It will stifle business and cause neighborhoods to become impossibly congested. I am a PB homeowner/taxpayer and I am totally opposed to this. Shame on you for trying to jam this through in the middle of a Pandemic.

    1. Have you seen how empty the current pay lots are today? This is exactly what will happen with the metered spaces. Patrons of PB do not have extra cash to spend on parking. This will create an artificial increase in parking demands. A problem already created by the San Diego building permit department, converting single family homes into multi-unit townhouses with limited off-street parking. I hope the city of San Diego and the Discover Pacific Beach committee realize they are the root cause of our current parking problem.

      I'm a long-time homeowner/taxpayer of PB and I am totally opposed to paying hundreds of dollars a year via parking permits for my guests to park on the street. I agree with the previous poster on each of their points and will concur.. "Shame on you for trying to jam this through in the middle of a Pandemic". This proposal is egregious to the property owners/residents of PB.

  2. Absolutely NOT!!! Do not add parking meters to our community!! This will only cause more chaos and havoc to an area where parking is already limited and timed for 2 hours in most areas. We need the city council to focus on theft and the homeless problems in our community and not waste tax payers money on parking meters that don’t benefit anyone except those who work higher up in the city and county. NO ON PARKING METERS!

  3. Parking meters and fee parking will drive people away from PB, the fees will go to administrators and the community will SUFFER. It’s not a no from me it’s a HELL NO!